Maximizing Social Media Strategy with NetbaseQuid Social Media Audit

What are your social media posts doing to your marketing strategy? If so, you’ll want to look at the NetbaseQuid Social Media Audit. This free tool will quickly break down your network, show you which channels produce the biggest return on investment, and more. The audit also gives suggestions for things you can do in your social media strategy, like increasing engagement on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are five Social Media Strategies with NetbaseQuid Social Media Audit:

Know What’s Working

Do you know what your social media content is doing for you? Do you know how much time and effort you devote to each social network? Which channels are paying off for you? The social media audit will break down your entire social media presence. It will also show you where to spend more time, and less time, what’s working, and what needs to be spent, creating a better strategy for your business.

Know Where You Are Lacking

Is your social media strategy producing the results that you want? It’s easy to think it is, but it can be hard to know. The social media audit will show you where you could improve and which networks present the biggest opportunity for growth. A simple assessment tool can easily determine where to catch up in engagement and conversation. You can make a new plan based on your goals and the ideal network for achieving them.

Manage Your Online Reputation

With businesses spending over $1M a year on social media, it’s important to ensure that you use your time wisely. The social media audit will let you know which networks are worth your time and which need more attention. This is a great way to get a quick overview of your social media network and then use that knowledge to focus on the most effective channels.

Engage With Your Audience’s Needs

We’re all consumers here at NetbaseQuid, so we understand the importance of engaging with our audience. While having many followers is certainly okay, it could be if you are wasting their time. Knowing where your audience is engaging and where they need to be can help you create the best strategy for engaging them. If you know that a large portion of your audience spends time on Facebook, you can spend more time there with quality content to help keep them engaged.

Know Where Your Audience Is

Not all of your audience will use the same social networks, so it’s important to ensure that you are visible on the ones your customers are hanging out with. If you miss out on the social networks where your audience is hanging out, that could mean losing potential customers. By using this handy tool, you will be able to see how many people are visiting your company’s Facebook page per day and then use that number as a guide for what you should be spending time on.

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