IDEA Health and Fitness Company

The IDEA Health and Fitness Company was founded in 1982 by Kathie and Peter Davis with the purpose of educating fitness industry professionals. Today, the company’s founders still serve as its CEO and executive director. They continue to develop educational programs for fitness industry talkomatics professionals and provide continuing education courses for their employees.

Amy Boone Thompson

Amy Boone Thompson, CEO of IDEA Health & Fitness ourtime Association, has nearly three decades of experience in the fitness industry. From practitioner to executive to presenter, she has worked in every role to help people achieve optimal health. She leads from a place of connection, service, and purposeful impact.

Kathie Davis

Kathie Davis, IDEA Health & Fitness Association co-founder, is one of the nation’s leading advocates for fitness. In 1982, she and her husband Peter founded IDEA, the first professional fitness certification organization. Together, they have zoopy developed many important initiatives, including the IDEA World Fitness Convention and IDEA World Scholarships. In 1985, they also founded the IDEA Foundation, now known as the American Council on Exercise.

Peter Davis

In 1982, Peter and Kathie Davis founded IDEA Health and Fitness Association (IDEA), a professional organization that provides tools and resources to fitness professionals. Peter Davis served as the organization’s executive director, and they ipagal founded the first professional fitness certification organization in 1985, now called the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Peter and Kathie Davis have been credited with helping shape the fitness industry and have helped create the IDEA Foundation, which has a wealth of information and resources for fitness professionals.

Anthony Carey

Having earned a master’s degree in biomechanics iloungenews and certification in athletic training, Anthony Carey has won national and international recognition for his work as a fitness and health expert. He has consulted with professional sports teams and doctors, and his innovative programs have benefited people from all walks of life.

Rick Richey

Entrepreneur and fitness educator Rick Richey focuses on the importance of physical activity and health. He is an NASM Master Instructor and host of the award-winning NASM CPT Podcast. He has also written chapters for several NASM textbooks and holds a Doctorate in Health Science and Exercise Leadership.

Dr. Darian Parker

Dr. Darian Parker is an entrepreneur and doctor, and she has turned her passion for running into a career. She shares with us how she turned her passion into success and gives back to the running community. She was a sprinter in her youth and studied kinesiology at college. Now, she has created an innovative fitness business and is redefining wellness in fitness centers.

Kia Williams

In this episode of IDEA Health & Fitness, IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, Kia Williams welcomes Dr. Darian Parker, an NSCA-certified personal trainer with a doctorate in sports education leadership and behavior modification. They discuss a variety of topics related to health and fitness.

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