How to make Neighborhood Realtor Postcards    

Direct mail is not a thing of the past. It’s still one of the most effective ways to get new clients and keep old ones engaged. The only way to know if it’s right for your business is to test your neighborhood realtor postcards first. But to test it, you have to make it, so here are the tips for making an effective card.

Use a photo of the neighborhood on the front.

  • The photo should be a high-resolution image.
  • The photo should be a recent image.
  • The photo should be a good representation of the neighborhood.

Add your brand logo to the top of your postcard.

  • Make sure the logo is recognizable, consistent, and easy to read.
  • Has it been printed on both sides of the postcard?
  • Has it printed on both sides of the card so that when you flip them over, they face outwards toward people walking by or sitting in their cars?

Feature a testimonial from a previous client.

Testimonials are great for building trust. If you’ve previously worked with clients that fit your target audience, then you might already have some great testimonials; if not, don’t worry—there are always other professionals who can provide a positive review of your work.

If you have testimonials from past clients or other professionals in the industry, make sure to use them! Testimonials help potential buyers make informed choices about who to work with in real estate sales and home buying/selling transactions (and what personality traits they’re looking for). You want potential customers to feel like they’ll be happy working with someone bitsandboxes like yourself—increasing their likelihood of becoming repeat customers down the road is just one more way to benefit both parties involved.

Feature a strong call-to-action

One of the most important things to remember while designing your postcard is what you want visitors to do after they’ve read it. You have only a few seconds to grab their attention and convince them that this postcard is worth their time and effort, so the call-to-action (CTA) should be clear, compelling, and specific enough for them to know what action you want them to take.

Add your contact information in multiple places on the card.

Add your contact information several times on the card so that no matter where someone looks, they will see it.

  • Put your contact information in the top left corner of your card. This is the most visible part of any postcard, so make sure your name and phone number are visible.
  • Add your contact information to the bottom right corner. Postcards often get turned around when people look at them, so try to put this info where people will be looking first when they turn it over (and second).

Add a QR code to drive them to an online capture form or video.

Adding a QR code to your postcard ensures you capture the most leads possible. A QR code is a 2-dimensional barcode that can be scanned with a mobile device.

When adding one to your postcards, remember that it needs to be easy for people to scan. This means ensuring enough contrast between the lines and shapes that make up the code—and that they are separated by plenty of white space so they don’t blend when scanned.

Make sure there is a solid, actionable reason for someone to keep and save your direct mail piece.

When designing and printing your Neighborhood Realtor postcard, it is essential to ensure a strong call-to-action encourages the reader to keep and save your direct mail piece. Some examples of compelling calls to action include:

  • Requesting a consultation with you on their next home purchase or sale in the neighborhood area
  • Encouraging them to visit one of your listings that they may be interested in buying or selling in the neighborhood area
  • Offering a discount on any future services if they refer friends or family members who want to buy or sell homes in this particular neighborhood lifeline hospital


If you want your neighborhood realtor postcards to reach their intended audience, then it’s important to make sure it has a strong call-to-action that is clear and easy to understand. Your message should be written in a way that will resonate with potential clients, and the QR code should be large enough for them to scan with their smartphones or tablets (at least 5 x 5 cm).

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